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General Practitioner's Office Bhogal - Statham

General Practitioner's Office Bhogal-Statham is located in Schiedam.
NHG certified - Member of Academic GP's Network ErasmusMC Rotterdam

  • Consultations: appointment only!
  • View your medical files 24/7 via the Online portal  or the app: 'uw zorg online' app
  • The online portal can only be used for your own personal information.
    (With parental consent of both partens we can provide the e-portal for children and youngsters under the age of 16 years)
  • Are you 16 years or older? Then you must contact us yourself.
  • Are you a caregiver? Please let us know, and provide us a written notice for your medical chart.


Before contacting us, please check and for advice.
If you need a consultation, call us and follow the instructions of the doctor's assistant. If necessary, an appointment will be made. We do not plan in advance (>48 hours) to avoid waiting times.

TIPS - What can i do about my symptoms/ Do i need to make an appointment ? 

app - Do i have to go to the doctor

Repeat Prescription

Repeated prescription are managed through  the ZorgApp or the online portal, this is for chronic medication. Download here.

If you take medicin which are prescribed by a doctor working in th hospital or other clinic, the are obliged to give you your (repeat) prescritions. When the treatment is passed over to the General Practitioner she will take over the prescriptions. 

Blood testing at the Westerkade

Bloodsampling in our building is managed by the Renier de Graaf Hospital:

TIPS - What can i do about my symptoms/ Do i need to make an appointment ? 

app - Do i have to go to the doctor


  • Holidays 2024

    The practice will be closed from friday the 16th op Feburary - friday 23rd Feburary for our break.

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  • Fluvaccination - Pneumococcalvaccination 2022

    The fluvaccination - pneumococcalvaccination: on invitation only - Tuesday 10th October 2023 between 09.30-16.00 hours. If you do not want to receive the vaccination(s) - please let us know asap - as we have to order the vaccinations bij June.

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  • Wednesday: Digital Docter Day

    If there is an medical emergency on Wednesday or if you have urgent questions that you cannot ask via the online portal, please contact my colleague Drs.Popescu 010-4269696 Also contact if you have to cancel an appointement (adres: van Swindensingel  42-A, Schiedam) Please visit and in case of complaints for explanation and first advice that you can work with yourself.

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  • Woman's heDe letter A in de vorm van een hartjert health

    Per August 23rd 2022, we want to offer all women aged 40 and older who are patients at our practice an ''annual checkup''.

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  • Chronic Care Survey

    Want to gives us feedback so we can do better?

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Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat Prescriptions

Do you need any prescription(s) repeated ? You can request these online. Only for chronic medication. 


New Patients

New Patients

New patient (s): We are currently closed for registrations. new patient. We are willing to make exceptions for family of existing patients.

There is always space on our waiting list; you can always call us to inform about our waiting list.

 Recently changed your address, phonenumber / email address? Please let us know!

Our area of care concerns Schiedam, especially zip codes 3111 to 3117.

Emergency - in life threathening situations

Emergency - in life threathening situations

when every second counts!

During office hours, GP's office:
010 - 426 99 52

Evening/night/weekend Centrale Huisartsenpost Schievliet:
010 - 249 39 39

Please note: these numbers are not intended to skip the waiting line.

Walk-in hours

Office hours

By appointment:
Monday to friday
between 08.00- 11.00 and 14.00 - 16.00 uur
Wednesday only through the online portal.

Emergency 08:00 - 17:00

Between 08:00-09:00 we are available for emergencies only!

To make an appointment, call between
09:00 - 11:00

For test results, call between
14.00 - 15:00
You can also find this in the online portal: explainded with advice.

The front desk is open from 08:00-10:30 and 13:30-16:00.
By appointent only

Nurse practitioner Geneal  (POH-S)

Every other friday - Mrs.D.Koole

Nurse practitioner Mental Health (POH-GGZ)

Every monday and wednesday-  Mrs. R.Kuhne


Assistent Consultation

With an appointment - Mrs.N.Kalipersad a/o Mrs.J. van de Grift-Frins
from 10:30 - 11:00.
Wednesday e-consultations only.




Home visit

You can request a home visit call between
9:00 - 10:00 uur.
It is always beter to have a consultation at the medical office.

The GP decides wheter a home visit is necessary.
House calls are between 
11:00 - 12:00.

Travel advice and vaccinations

Please contact us if you need vaccinations for travelling. Please do this timely so we can give you suitable, sufficient travel advice.
For an appointment, call between 14:00-15:00.

Some vaccinations take time (up to six weeks in advance) or need multiple appointments Keep this in mind before travelling.
It’s important to check if your vaccinations are still up to date.  
During your consultation, be specific about your travel plans. Visiting rural areas for long periods of time can be more risky than visiting a city for a few days. 


Westerkade 24-A
3116 GK Schiedam

located in the building
Medisch Centrum Schiedam

During office hours GP's office:
T 010 - 426 99 52

Evening/night/weekend Huisartsenpost SchieVliet:
T 010 - 249 39 39

e-mail: zorgmail for healthcare professionals
e-mail for patients via the online portal

EMERGENCY!: 112 when every second counts!

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